Friday, August 18, 2006

How I spent my summer fixation

Uh-oh, another Ebay boat. An Eboat. I bought a sailboat on Ebay last Fall. It's what we call a 'project' boat. I've been working on it, pulling parts off, building new parts, getting missing parts - sometimes finding them on Ebay. While searching for parts a couple of weeks ago I came across another boat for sale. Same mfgr., same model and - surprise, surprise - in better shape.
This one was 400 miles away, though, instead of just around the corner like Eboat #1. A highly qualified friend made the trip with me to fetch the boat. A solid day's labor - no food breaks - got it onto the trailer. Eight hours later (1:30 AM) we were back at the bottom end of New Jersey and called it a day (!!!).

Eboats 1 & 2 are Paceship Westwind sloops designed by Ted Hood. #1 is a 1967 model, hull #13. Eboat #2 pictured here is hull #72, year unknown at this point.


Bob_Lem said...


First - the boat is gorgeous! To paraphrase a pair of friends oggling a truck - "boat porn!"

The timing is mysterious to me. On hte ride up to Woods Hole, and then there, I was struck deepley and for the first time in my life with boat lust.

Cant wait to put to sea with you and your lady and mine.

Bob Lem

MQM said...

Running up along the Connecticut and Rhode Island coasts will do that (boat lust) to you. Probably second only to the Chesapeake Bay for north east U.S. sailing areas. I saw way more sailboats moored near Boston than I see in Cape May.