Friday, August 18, 2006

how did i get here?

Got an email from an old friend - Bob Leming - a couple of weeks ago. Just got around to checking out the things he'd linked to in the email, one of which was his new blog.
Right here is where I tell you that "concatenation" is one of my favorite words.
I read the recent posts on Bob's page (The Reckon Crew) and was trying to leave a comment on one of his poems - I was prompted for a username and password - turns out I didn't have those things, which is sort of how I ended up here. I assume that I can now post my comments. And more.
See you around.


Bob_Lem said...


This Worldwide "Web" is taking on ever new meanings ...

Michael - lets form a love, justice and peace "cell" - focused on a radical, fundamental change in ourselves - and hoping the World will follow.

Bob Lem
rhymes with problem

redw0rm said...

Miker - you oughta link to Bob's new blog where you say "The Reckon Crew."

MQM said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Josh. Finally done - long time for my little brain to catch up to this modern INTERNETS thing . . .