Saturday, September 08, 2007

The pack

The pack exhales and the pack inhales.
When I'm feeding the dogs I still sometimes look around for Stella.

Our new girl Georgia had a pretty dreadful time of it last month - the folks that left her when they moved away thoughtfully chained her to a fence. She was taken in by the Atlantic County Animal Cruelty Officer and transferred to the Pleasantville shelter. There were maggots in her ears, her nose was being eaten by flies and the chain had gotten totally wrapped up in her fur. She went to a foster home in Dorothy where a couple of good people - Marie and Bob - have fifteen dogs and four cats on a couple of acres. A few sad stories for some of those dogs, too.
Georgia was pretty timid when we got her home - she ran to a far corner of the yard and hid. We coaxed/dragged her to the house where she hid in a closet. She spent a good part of the next day under the back deck.

It has been a week now since she arrived. She is still really thin but clearly becoming less fearful. We're watching the pack rearrange itself. She'll be fine.


tina said...

What a sweet turn of events for Georgia. And hooray to you two for bringing her into the pack - she looks happier already! Warms my heart.

Is that some Wheaton Terrier I see in her?

Anonymous said...

I heard recently (and not for the first time; I just have an unreliable memory) that there's a confirmed place in heaven for anyone who saves a dog. Mike and Ellen, when you finally get there (and may that be a loooong way off) I'll bet you meet up with all the fortunate canines who were lucky enough to find their way to you.


mary e said...

What a lucky dog to have found a home with you guys!

redw0rm said...

Welcome, Georgia, to Hotel 909! You have gone from a very bad place to the best place in the world a dog could possibly end up. You'll soon come to realize that you have won the dog lottery, and you have a long, fun, life ahead of you.