Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Who shot the blog?

I guess it was Facebook. For a lot of us the blog was just a way to get some thoughts and pictures shared. Then Facebook came along and made it easier. Not better, necessarily, but made it into a more commonplace thing. You used to have to work a little harder - maybe even understand a little bit of HTML.
I haven't posted anything to this blog in more than two years - almost three, actually. That in itself is maybe due to how things seem to speed up as we get older. Summer seems to last maybe a month-and-a-half - that kind of thing. But the ease of posting/sharing/revealing in the Facebook era has also been a factor, I believe. In order to include any hypertext or links I'll have to go back to some old posts where I can view the codes used. Do we necessarily have to regret the changing of our tools and methods? I certainly cuss with impatience when I've got to use a manual screwdriver these days (usually when I'm too lazy to go out to the truck to get the powered version). Easier is better?

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