Sunday, October 17, 2010

Max, the neighbor's dog

Neighbor's dog was killed in the road this morning. I've been doing the calculations of poetry in my head for the last hour - trying to find the voice of the dog.
A beautiful dog - aren't they all? A big brindle boxer-pit mix with blue eyes. Lying there in the road, an indictment of us all. I can see him right now - hours later - it would have been too cruel to take his picture lying there, but I'd like you to see him . . .
"Who made you the boss of me? All you had to do was keep me out of the road . . .
"I can't get up, there's no running from this -
so I'm lying here in the shit and the piss . . . who's licking tears off my face?

Now that lady driver is sad, and you're sad, and I've got this serious pain in my side . . . "

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