Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Jesus in a jukebox!

(Image shamelessly lifted from Google Images)

February 27, 2009
Working on tomorrow’s radio show and I’m thinking that one of the best things that ITunes has got going for it (you’ve got to check this for me!) is people who’ve had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and are now overcome with nostalgia for a tune they heard somewhere once – or a hundred times. And they tap ITunes for their nostalgia fix. Perfect. $$. (sound effect = "Ka-ching")

I think "Don't Stop Believin'" hits it in that category for me. I'm always reminded of an afternoon when I sat at the bar in Kahn's Ugly Mug and heard that tune on the jukebox. It became manifestly clear to me that it was a completely perfect rock and roll tune. Please - don't take my word for it - listen to that tune for yourself.
Years later, I downloaded it from ITunes and now listen to it whenever the mood strikes me.


JCD said...

I just listened to it on YouTube.
I think I would like it more after a few drinks in Kahn's Ugly Mug.

sensitive artist said...

I too have a special place in my heart for that Journey song and a couple of others!The nostalgic song that I purchased on itunes is the Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks!!

MQM said...

Got to admit - I'm with ya there. Stevie Nicks did some great rock and roll. Was that with Fleetwood Mac or solo?

sensitive artist said...

Off her solo album Bella Donna.