Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ron Paul? Ron Paul!

I donated money to the Democrats back in '00 and '04. Maybe I'm a person who loves the underdog - maybe that would explain why this guy appeals to me now.

Right now, all the Democratic hopefuls make me want to run away. They are like so many bad over-flavored cups of coffee.

Early in the year Ron Paul made a couple of appearances on TV - I'm not sure where. He seemed to make sense.

I want to feel inspired by someone (don't we all?) who is willing to take their principles to the big show - who is willing to go through all the thrashing and fighting to get to a place where they might be able to work at fixing this thing.

Obviously, there are a handful of people who are willing to go through the thrashing - but are we inspired by them? Or are we embarrassed by them?

This is the only candidate who I feel like sending money to, and the only one whose sign I wouldn't be embarrassed to have in front of my house.

Oh - and he isn't a lawyer.


redw0rm said...

I, too, have started digging Ron Paul. Lots of people are. The question I have is: could Ron Paul decide to run as an Independent and become the Ralph Nader of 2008?

By some folks' measure, thanks to Nader's (supporters') refusal or inability to acknowledge the difference between Al Gore and GWB, the world has been plunged into the current neo-con nightmare. I hope people can be a little more pragmatic this time around.

MQM said...

Thanks for the comment, Josh. Good point. The Nader-ization of the liberal left was a tragic thing. I'll be trying to scratch together a few dollars to send to Ron Paul's campaign - and I'll be crossing my fingers.

Tina said...

Mike - thanks for posting this - Ron Paul was totally under my radar. Great video - I'll be passing it on to others.

mary e said...

I loved the video - he's been saying important things for quite a while. Why can't he be a Democrat? If he ends up as the republican candidate I may vote for him.

Aaron & Alaine said...

I'm not a Ron R supporter - but I am supportive of the underdog. When I blog about Obama, its often in that same effort. In contrast to what the incorrect media hype can sometimes be, his candidacy is that of an underdog who believes what he learned in community organizing. The evolution of the political race, to one of race, gender and dirty politics - well that is stuff I can do without. Stuff, that will make me too, keep looking for what can make true change and a true difference.

MQM said...

Thank you, A&A - my money (what money?) is still in my pocket. I'm ready to be grabbed by the power of a good person who wants to try to fix this thing. I'll keep checking your blog - another pair of eyes and a brain. And a heart. (Not much evidence of that organ in DC lately)

MF said...

There's a lot to be said for a guy who can stand up in front of all those line-towing bobble heads and say the truth, not just some anti-rationalist "truth", but the gods-to-honest stuff I've been biting my nails over, waiting for somebody to say. I'll likely vote for Ron Paul whether or not he ends up running.