Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lettuce Zen

If y'all can't forgive me for pulling these old bits out of my journal . . . well, too bad.

Sunday, May 29, 2005
I’m getting this ‘page-a-day’ calendar by email, a Zen stories calendar. This is today’s:

Three wandering monks, Seppo, Ganto and Kinzan, had lost their way while making a pilgrimage through the mountains. Then they spotted a green vegetable leaf floating down a stream, which meant that someone was living up the mountain. But they decided that anyone careless enough to lose one vegetable leaf was not worth meeting. Just then they saw a man with a long-handled hook racing along the stream, looking for his leaf.



Bob_Lem said...

Lettuce laugh

I like the past journal thing...

Like it a lot in fact


Tina said...

I like your old journal entries, too. It's as if you are opening little windows, kind of like the Christmas calendars we used to get, only deeper.

W. Sistare said...

I had that calendar a few years ago. Tremendous wisdom. It always got me thinking each morning when I got to the office and peeled back a new day. There are many times when I'd like to pack it all in and become a monk - a river monk of course.

And, yes, old journal entries is great! It's like hearing a good oldie on the radio!

As Lem likes to call me:
River Bill